Through a variety of media including: painting, photography, video, cyanotype, and drawing, Annabel Dover engages the viewer in untold tales of wonder. Throughout her practice she constantly finds herself drawn to objects and the invisible stories that surround them. Through their subtle representation she explores their power as intercessionary agents that allow socially acceptable emotional expression. The work presents itself as a complex mixture of scientific observation and tender girlish enthusiasm which often belies their history.

Dover has a thirst for knowledge, knowledge of things and knowledge about people and their lives. Watching, listening and absorbing, her work and life have become a fabulous tangle of information, stories (both real and imagined), images and objects. Her work is part distillation, part peripatetic ramble through her influences which range from archeological illustration, archaic scientific techniques and the enthusiasms of a Victorian lady to the theories of Freud and anthropological research.

Dover was born in Liverpool, educated in Newcastle and London. She is currently studying for a PHD at Wimbledon exploring a practice lead response to  the cyanotype albums of Anna Atkins. She has shown her work nationally and internationally.