Each item of clothing represents a different viewpoint on war. My stepfather’s sock was sewn and mended by the German nurses who looked after him after he was shot down over the Black Forest. He hid his sock and scarf from the British nurses who burnt everything he had possessed in the POW camp.


The silk scarf has shrapnel damage and was a gift to my stepfather from his father, a fisherman who had worn it for luck and as a totem against drowning on long trawls at sea.


My grandmother was wearing the hat, when she received the telegram stating that her husband was missing presumed killed. She kept her silk stockings hidden along with the hat and négligée until she died, hoping for his return.

Cyanotypes were popularised in the 1850's by Anna Atkins who used them at first to make botanical albums and then more personal ones of domestic ephemera such as lace and thread.